Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Camping Tents that WORK!

Nexus Family Camping Tent
Hi Dan, thanks for your email

We LOVE hearing from a satisfied customer and we want to post your testimony on our site

Glad to hear that the tent is working well for you and your family!

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I have purchased your NEXUS 12 man tent and this weekend was our first outing in it. My wife and I and 8 children had LOTS of room left over. It rained for 10 hours straight and it only leaked through a small tear in the top, but barely. We fixed the tear with your patch kit that came with the tent. Absolutely AWESOME TENT!!!!!!! We sat up playing cards with the kids while outside it rained and thundered constantly. Inside....pure bliss!!! Thanks for an AMAZING product.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

CEC customer service: secondary rain fly for your tent

Hi Greg, thanks for your email

Currently we don't offer this type of accessory for any of our tents

However, a quick and dirty improvisation is for you to sling up a basic PE tarp suspended over the tent (using trees or other attachment points with a peak to draw water down and away from the tent)

This method of keeping some space between the tarp and the tent surface is preferred because it doesn't interfere with ventilation of your tent (responsible for interior moisture as much as the weather is) while providing you with a secondary layer of water resistance

Best Regards,

Andrew, Customer Support

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Recently I purchased the Axis + Zulu combination, no complaints, easy tents to set up spacious etc.

I have a question though, I would like to put a fly over the pods (Zulu's I think). Do you have some product to be able to do this? or some recommendation?

Or even a fly for the entire tent, ( although I do think that maybe a bit over the top) (all puns intended)