Friday, March 11, 2011

BURNING MAN 2011: Which tent do you need?

Hi Jules, thanks for your email

It seems the BBB rating is due to insufficient data they have on us

See direct replies to each query below

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I was Ebay bidding on the HULA 4 tent- I would have gone a bit higher then the actual final selling price if you had answered a few questions-so I'm back again.

I will be living in a tent for 2 weeks-in some harsh conditions- Kindly consider this is an important purchase for me. With CEC's no return/exchange only policy
Please note that we are happy to replace, exchange or refund your purchase as per our Product Guarantee
and no outlet to view the tent in the USA,
Please note that while we don't have retail outlets throughout the USA, we've made every effort to provide as much meaningful product information (including detailed pictures) regarding all of our products and services

We are also ready to answer any questions you have prior to your purchase to ensure that CEC products meet your requirements 

you should expect lots of questions from a new, potential buyer with lots of friends looking for tents this year. (-I estimate that 40,000 people sleep in tents at Burning Man- the other 20,000 in RV's)   I hate to say it, but I will: Your F rating- albeit from one person- with the BBB

Please note that the BBB unilaterally imposed their rating stating lack of sufficient info regarding the CEC

CEC customer service takes all customer emails extremely seriously and makes the utmost attempt to amicably resolve each unique situation to the customer's full satisfaction

This does not always include sending personal and private transaction information to a 3rd parties as per our Privacy Policy 
make me extra cautious spending 300$. However, your tents are so perfect in theory that I persist.

This is what I am looking for:

  1. A tent that will completely zip close. Windows, Doors. Top- does anyone make this? See--I would avoid the mesh roof too,if it's possible.
As per our previous email, we suggest you consider a tent from our Premium Tent Range, starting with the Mars 6 person family camping tent
  1. Water proof-no other seam sealing required? 
Correct, as per the specs on each tent, the rain fly is PU coated and seam taped and no further water proof treatment is required - please note that additions or adjustments to the tent after purchase will void the warranty 
  1. The HULA 4 - is it a complete floor that attaches to the interior tent?
No it is not, there is a built in floor in the sleeping areas only but and a removable ground sheet in the central living area 
  1. Please tell me how the "removable floor" attaches? Is it within the confines of the "bathtub floor" you offer?  As I wrote before there is white space in the photography and it's very hard to tell how the inner and outer tent attach. 
The ground sheet in the HULA model is merely a water resistant tarp like material that is staked into the ground 
  1. Zip enclosed rooms within  the tent- not a curtain but actual zippers. It's dusty out there!
Yes the sleeping areas include actual zippered doors and not curtains 
  1. I am taking this tent to Burning Man: There is heat, wind, cold nights, playa dust and possibly rain. You say your tents are for summer camping-but they seem built for these conditions. I don't expect anyone to guarantee a gale force wind-in a family tent- but how long are your stakes? Will I need to buy longer ones?
We cannot comment on the weather conditions on the area you intend to use your tent but will suggest that if in doubt, prudence suggest you go prepared with additional materials 
  1. I want sleep space- the four man is fine- it appears a double or queen mattress will fit in the HULA -4 rooms- is that the case with your other tents?
Yes this is the case with the majority of CEC tents, but bear in mind that different manufacturers can build double, dual, queen etc sized mattresses to their own dimensions eg a "small" garment from one supplier may equal a "medium" from another
Thank you again for your time- I hope you will answer my question and we can do business together.
 Don't mention it, we're happy to answer your questions prior to your purchase to ensure CEC products meet you needs

Very kind regards,