Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weather Tough CEC tents

Hi Dave, CEC tents are intended for moderate, summer use and we don't recommend using them in extreme conditions with gale force winds and heavy snow

HOWEVER, we do test our tent thoroughly as indicated in this blog post:

That said, if you are considering heavy rain, then you might want to consider the Mars 6 person tent:

The Mars is one of our Premium Grade tents and you can read about the features of that class here:

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have other questions

Best Regards,
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I live in Northern AZ... our summer highs are in the mid to upper 90'S and winters go as low as -10 with some winters giving us heavy snow fall... Our summers are our heaviest precipitation with torrential monsoon rains. Spring and falls can be very windy 25-30mph sustained winds all day and frequent 40+ gust...are common. I'd like to know how your 3 season tents hold up under constant sun as well as very strong winds, heavy rains and moderate to heavy snowfall. I'm particularly interested in you "Como" tent
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