Monday, September 10, 2012

Customer Review: Ajax 12 person family camping dome tent

Awesome tent and Amazingly large 

Posted by Alex L. on 14th Mar 2012
A perfect tent for the car-camping family that does not want to feel cramped. Just completed a week long trip with high hinds and heavy rains. Tent was DRY at held up amazingly well. After initial set-up was able to set-up tent by myself in about 25 minutes and fully stake it down in that time. Website does not give this tent enough details about this amazing tent. Wish I bought it sooner!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Customer Review: Capricorn 8 person family camping dome tent

always the nicest tent in campground 

Posted by 1 happy camper on 20th Jul 2012
I've bought this tent 3 years ago I don't know why I haven't wrote a review yet but now I've used it plenty and can give a proper review.Individual berths give you privacy. My favorite thing about this tent is the open room in the center. easily fits all your camping gear table chairs. it is basically like having a nice screen room with 2 tens attached to each side. last time we went camping it rained 2 solid days. never felt a drop of water we had plenty of room to play cards and games while waiting for the rain to pass and with a built in windows you can still see outside. I actually like having the tub tarp in the center because it makes it much easier to clean. We always get good comments on our tent And when I drive around the campground I can't help but look and ours is always the nicest. and with 2 people it is 1 of the easiest I have ever set up. and by the way they give you 3 times the guy lines and steaks that you need. and after 3 years of use still going strong and not a leak.