Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modular tents: Standalone sleeping pods and multi room tents!

Hi Dave, thanks for your email

Yes you can connect up to 4 Zulu sleeping pods to the main Axis hub but the set comes with 2

You always have the option of purchasing more Zulu pods which you can also use separately as a stand alone tent depending on what kind of trip you're taking and how much you can pack...

Check out the rest of the Modular tent details here

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting back to me.  This page talks about being able to join up to 4 Zulu Sleeping pods to the main tent:

BUT for those times when you want the option of a storage or eating area, just connect the Zulu to the Axis and away you go - if you want to invite some friends to join you or want to give the kids their own sleeping area, just add on another Zulu sleeping pod - connect up to 4 in total for a HUGE multi room tent!”

But of course, now I can’t find the original link that I thought said that there was a limit of 3 zulu pods.  So officially what is the supported number of zulu sleeping pods for the Axis screen room / main tent?  Is it 4?



Monday, August 27, 2012

Customer Review: Oberon 9 person family camping dome tent

Oberon tent 

Posted by Vicki on 24th Jul 2012
We have used this tent for several years in a row now. We put the kids in each pod with their own full-sized mattresses in two of the pods, and use the third for all of our gear. My husband and I put our queen-sized mattress and frame in the center part of the tent. We eliminated the bug problem by using a roll of thick plastic and making our own footprint for the tent. All in all, this has been the best tent we have ever owned, and a lot of people have come to our site just to look inside it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Customer Review: Axis 4 person screen tent shelter


Posted by Karen on 2nd Aug 2012
I recently had a baby and wanted to go camping with my family but was worried about the bugs and the sun. I came across this and loved it because it had the removable floor. I put two fans in and was cool allday long. during rain it never got wet. I loved this so much we plan on getting another and getting the parts for a tent. We usually kept two side open for air flow the other two blocked the sun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Customer Review: Gobi 6 Person Family camping tunnel tent

Great Tent Tons of Space 

Posted by Chris on 11th Aug 2012
My family just gave this tent a test drive for 5 days in Rhode Island and we love it! It has sooo much space. The sleeping area can easily hold our 2 Coleman 4-1 blow up mattresses! Kids on one side parents on the other. The "sleeping tent" attaches inside the big tent. So, it is a tent within another tent. This helps with dirt and bugs not getting into your sleeping area. The sleeping area could easliy hold 6 adults and the living area could hold at least another 6 adults.

The "living area" is a great concept. Most people go out and buy two tents, one for sleeping and one for eating this is no longer necessary. We used it to store our gear, toys included, change, you name it. No more moving around the mattresses. The air circulation is great.I will bring a small card table for inside next time. 

The front porch is a great addition. It's nice to keep the rain out of the tent when you are trying to go in and out during a storm. 

The floor construction is like an extremely strong, rip-stop, tarp material. It comes up a good 6" all around the inner sleeping tent and outer "Fly" or living area. If you do setup and a flash flood comes your way, this thing will protect you.

We did experience a pretty good rain one night. I was concerned about the top vents and water entering.(Image 10 above) But in the morning, there was no water at all. The "cover" over each vent seemed to collect some water and help seal the vents from rain. In the morning, we just pushed them up and got the water off the top of the vent cover.

This tent turns heads! We had people stopping by and asking questions, even taking pictures! This is not your typical tent in the United States. It is big approx 13'x20" so make sure your camp site can handle a tent of this size. The reason why I gave it a 4 out of 5 is because there were a few sewing errors, nothing that I couldn't live with and nothing that would effect the integrity of the actual tent. Also, I have not giving it an "extreme weather test" yet. You know the type where your tent is the only one standing after a big storm and everyone else is sleeping in their cars. I will keep you posted. I have one more big trip coming up. Thank you CEC! I am extremely pleased in your product.