Thursday, August 11, 2011

MARS 6 person family camping dome tent: Q&A

Hi Raphael, CEC tents are particularly popular during Burning Man and the Mars is a good option for that

Yes, you can close off the inside of the tent area completely from the outside to prevent dust entering the sleeping area

The rain fly and main floor are sewn together and then the removable sleeping area also has its own floor 

This means that when you set up the inner sleeping tent inside the rain fly covered main tent, you have a 2 layer system: a breathable inner tent and water proof floor PLUS water proof rain fly and water proof floor ie 2 layer floor!

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Dear CEC,

I am considering buying the Mars tunnel tent for burning man this year. I am looking for a tent that keeps the dust out of the sleeping area. Could you please let me know if the inside tent can be completely sealed from the rest - i.e. that is has it's own floor? Or does it share the floor with the rest of the tent?

Many thanks in advance!