Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How do I minimize condensation build up inside my tent?

Hi Elaine, thanks for your enquiry

ALL CEC tents come with a water resistant rain fly - polyurethane coated with seam taping to reduce water ingress

All tents regardless of brand will have some degree of condensation build up inside the tent - this is not a fault, just a product of having people sleeping in a shelter - when you exhale, you exhale a small amount of moisture which can build up over time

ALL CEC tents have breathable polyester inner tents with built in mesh vents that help increase air flow so that moisture laden air can circulate to the outdoors while fresh air can enter - similar to keeping a window or door open in your bedroom when you sleep

Follow these tips and you'll increase your level of comfort over night!

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The 'Mars' states that it is waterproof with no extra fly included but my customer is wondering on the extent of condensation? My customer previously bought a tent that stated that is was also waterproof but when they woke in the morning, all of their bedding etc was wet from condensation. How does the 'Mars' handle this?

Please advise.


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